Maybe you're wondering, "What is Ignite Musical Training?" Just watch this short video to find out how to easy it is to transform your musicianship with our program!

The Curriculum

Ignite Musical Training will guide you through the most important and applicable aspects of a well-rounded college-level music education. Throughout the entire course you will master the following topics:

- The fundamentals of reading music and proper notation
- Simple, compound and complex rhythmic elements
- Intervallic study within two octaves
- Chord construction (triads, 7th chords, extensions, alterations and inversions)
- Understanding the concept of "keys"
- Analyzing and identifying diatonic chord sequences
- Constructing common (and uncommon) scales and modes
- Reading chord charts and lead sheets
- Taking intervallic, rhythmic, harmonic and melodic dictation.

Remember that Ignite Musical Training focuses on both Music Theory and Ear Training simultaneously, so everything that you learn on "pencil-and-paper" (reading and writing) will also translate to being applicable on your instrument (hearing, identifying and playing). You won't find another program that covers this much material in this much detail anywhere else!

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Ignite Home Study

$ 149.00

  • 11 Hours of Video Content
  • 6 Hours of Audio Content
  • 220 Page Workbook
  • Video, Audio and PDF files accessed via USB Flash Drive

Ignite Digital Download

$ 109.00

  • 11 Hours of Video Content
  • 6 Hours of Audio Content
  • Dowbloadable 220 Page Workbook PDF File
  • Download all Video & Audio content as MP3 & MP4 Files

Ignite Subscription

$ 99.00

  • 11 Hours of Video Content
  • 6 Hours of Audio Content
  • Downloadable 220 Page Workbook PDF File
  • Access to stream all Video and Audio content for 90 days

Frequently Asked Questions

How much musical experience do I need in order to use the Ignite Musical Training program?
This program is designed for everyone. Whether or not you already play an instrument, have taken music lessons in the past or know anything at all about Music Theory already, Ignite Musical Training will start from square one. Anyone can get started!

How long will it take me to complete the Ignite Musical Training program?
A skilled musician should be able to complete this course within 12 weeks or less. However, remember that everyone learns at a different rate and some people have more available time than others. Naturally, those who have less time to work on the material or have less musical experience in general will take longer to complete the program.

Do I need any special hardware or devices to use Ignite Musical Training?
Nothing beyond a computer with a working USB input. An MP3 player/phone/tablet with corresponding music-listening software is recommended as well.

The videos on my Ignite USB Flash Drive aren't playing on my computer. What should I do?
Try downloading Quicktime, VLC Media Player or any video player that is capable of reading .mp4 files.

Who is Jayme Lewis?
Jayme Lewis is a bass player, producer, author and educator from Los Angeles. For more information about Jayme and his music career, please visit

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